If you’re like me, getting out of bed early to exercise can be a total drag. You get up, go to work, come home and then the last thing my un-disciplined body wants to do is break a sweat. I’m not sure why I have this reaction to exercise or where it even started. A lot of people must love it because the parks are filled with so many people running around.

Growing up in West Virginian, exercise was not a priority and defiantly was not a part of my daily life. I didn’t have to walk and I avoided most walking trips like the plague. Because of this, my expanding waistline shows the neglect I’ve had on my body.

The idea of limiting food to only greens makes a tear well up in my food-loving eye. I wondered was there ever a way that I could exercise away my food intake? The answer was no until I moved to New York City.

After moving to the big apple, I was asked over and over about the culture shock of being in such a heavily populated place. But, the biggest shock I encountered had nothing to do with the people, but the heavy amount of walking I was doing. Leaving my humble 92′ Camry behind I was now in the arms of the public transit system. I would call home to tell everyone about the walking that I did, just getting to and from work. I’ve had various jobs in NYC; some with longer commutes than others, but never getting me from point A to point B without small beads of sweat forming on my nose.

My current commute includes walks to the train followed with the up and down of over 10 flights of steps both ways. This doesn’t include all of the walkings I do to get to the store, the movies or even a restaurant. My eating has improved greatly as well. I still find myself wanting to gorge on goodies every now and again, but all of my daily activity has defiantly decreased my overwhelming appetite. Without declaring myself on a diet and exercise plan I have managed to lose approximately 20 pounds in the two months that I’ve been here, which has inspired me to delve further into scheduled exercise and sturdier eating plan.

I’m not saying that moving to NYC is the best way to lose weight, but it certainly shows that just by taking the stairs and going for walks can help you shed those pounds almost painlessly!

Selecting the best vacuum cleaner is as much as selecting your best show dog where the amount of care, human interaction, appearance, characteristics and obedience both fits best in a vacuum cleaner and show so you need to take a look at some of the most popular vacuum cleaners which you can do online. The Dyson DC25 ball all floors upright vacuum cleaner is found to the best vacuum cleaners and it is certified with the award where this vacuum cleaner technology makes the cleaning and tuning around the objects and it has also received positive reviews from the product reviewers. This vacuum cleaner is increasing the environmental friendliness and it is found to at the great demand because this type of the improved technology vacuum cleaner prevents the clogs in the materials vacuumed up and eliminates the need of manually removing those clogs and other kinds of the materials.

Another best vacuum cleaner is hoover Tempo wide path U5140-900 which is considered as the best vacuum cleaners by many of the pet owners where in the early stage of the Hoover days they found it difficult to pick up the majority of the pet hairs while cleaning. Several people purchase this U5140-900 has said that this vacuum cleaner is used for several times in weeks that simply freshen up your carpets that are used by your pets. This vacuum is available at the reasonable price and the main reason for purchasing this vacuum cleaner is that it is easy to use and reliable one in nature.

The Best Vacuum Cleaner 2018
The Best Vacuum Cleaner 2018

How to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your use

It is very important to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home where it can clean the pet hair, skin flakes and mites that got into your carpets and irritates allergies the most common one of all is that is caused by the household mould and dust. In order to improve the quality of the life, you want to pick the best vacuum cleaners for your home to clean your pet hairs.

The following are the three different types of the vacuum cleaners. They are.

  • Canister vacuum cleaner – This type of the vacuum cleaners are easy to use for cleaning the beneath furniture and other kinds of the awkward places like curtains and stairs. Today many of the best vacuum cleaners brands have the suction comparable to the uprights likewise the canister vacuum cleaner consists of the hose and the main vacuum body that can be moved or dragged along as a separate unit. This type of the cleaner generally does the better job of the cleaning process than the uprights on tile or wood floors.

  • Upright vacuum cleaner – these types of the vacuum cleaners generally more powerful than all types of the vacuum cleaners because this vacuum cleaner pushed along using the handle and it rotating the set of the bristles help to dislodge the dirt and dust that brings all the allergy attacks. These types of the vacuum cleaners are best suited for cleaning the carpets that the other floor types such as tile and wood.

  • HEPA filter vacuum cleaner – This product is the perfect choice for the people who have the issues with the allergies of dog or cat hair and so are good if you have the pets in your home. The HEPA filter traps the dust and dirt particles within the filter and if you have animals that suffer from allergies then you should always choose the HEPA vacuum cleaner which will serve as best vacuum cleaners in cleaning the pet hair, dirt and dust particles that lying on the floor and carpet.

If you have allergies to dust then you need to choose the vacuum cleaner with the HEPA filter system. Are your floors are mainly of tile or wood then do you have a lot of carpets at your home then as a first thing you need to choose the vacuum cleaner that perfectly matches to your floor type. If you find it easier in pushing a vacuum cleaner than an upright is the better choice to choose or if you want something lighter then you can choose the canister vacuum cleaner and the main moving part is the hose.

Finally look at the parts that need to regularly replace for the proper functioning of the vacuum cleaner where all the vacuum cleaners have the moving parts such as brushes and belts which may need to replaced regularly for the proper working of the vacuum cleaner. The replacement parts are available at affordable prices and are easy to obtain where you need to look at the cost of the disposable components such as the bags and filters.

How to buy the best vacuum cleaner

Whether you have the hardwood or the carpeting flooring investing in the great vacuum cleaner is found to be a good idea and wide range of the vacuum cleaner brands and models are available in the marketplace to look at the features of the vacuum cleaner for selecting the best vacuum cleaner that suits your particular cleaning needs. As a first thing, you need to evaluate the type of the flooring surface for which you are going to buy the vacuum cleaning in which if your home has a wall to wall carpeting then you need to give the first priority for the upright vacuum cleaner.

The beater brushes used by the upright vacuum cleaners are the perfect one for picking up the dirt and dust from carpeting but this cleaning system will damage the hardwood floors so don’t attempt to get the upright vacuum cleaner thinking that it will be a versatile enough for hardwood and carpet flooring. It is very important that before buying any of the best vacuum cleaners models make sure that you test the vacuum cleaner system and ensure that it does not have any issues in the working and cleaning the dust and dirt particles. So follow above considerations before buying the vacuum cleaners for your home.

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